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The Perfect Immersive & All-Inclusive Dance Holidays

  • You love to dance, immerse yourself deeply and enjoy connecting with new and old friends in a safe space?

  • Tired of having to book every single thing yourself and rather want it easy to simply join and focus on what you love?

  • Want to profit from our expertise in providing you with the best high-value content and special included features?

Then search no further. You are just 2 steps away from your dream experience. With a ticket to our event you automatically receive our exclusive all-round-care package for free. All you have to do is:

  1. Book your event ticket

  2. Be in Zurich at 11:00am on Saturday 03. August 2024

We take care of all the rest.

Our events simply include everything you need:

accommodation, classes, socials, excursions, meals, drinks and local transport.

Get ready for an unforgettable, immersive experience enhancing your dance skills and a wide range of stimulating activities on the side to create lasting memories with new and old friends.

We pick you up in Zurich

From Zurich to the venue and back, comfortable and easy transport is organized, all-inclusive in your ticket. No need to meddle around with local transport. Just arrive to Zurich and we take you from there.

Our bus will take you on a 2 hour drive along stunning lakes, through picturesque valleys and over majestic mountain passes.


  • Enjoy fantastic panoramic views,

  • connect with your peers,

  • or simply catch up on some sleep.

Before you even arrive to the retreat!


Your Room

Venue & Accommodation

Good sleep is essential for your ideal learning experience. Hence, we treat you with cozy single, twin and double rooms only! Enjoy your stay, rest well, have your private space whenever you need it and wake up to an amazing mountain view right from your window!

Additionally we provide dedicated rooms for everyone to use all day:

  • Social room - open all day for you to socialize, dance and simply be.

  • Relax room - open all day for you to retreat & have a quiet moment.

  • Class room - open all day, also in between classes, for you to practice & train.

  • Dining room - open all day for you to enjoy the view or if you like to get some extra dessert/snacks/drinks (not included).

  • TV room - open all day, just in case you really can't do without it ;)

25+ hours of Dance Classes

The dance classes at Swiss Mountain Retreat are all about:

  • Flow - Training a fluid and sensitive body allows us to reach a state in dancing, where the mind transcends in the now and movements simply happen.

  • Connection - The art of communicating, aligning & co-creating with a partner, the music and ourselves.

  • Freedom of Expression - Move like you feel, show & live what moves you in the very moment, without fear of judgement.

  • Poise & Grace - Acquiring new skills, move with stunning design & stay healthy all along.

  • Joy - Never forget to enjoy, smile and simply feel good, this is the essence of dance.


To ensure you get the best learning experience and high value content, we invite only the best, most considerate and experienced instructors. While our well chosen care team creates and secures the safe space needed so you can give yourself in & fully immerse.


Connect with other dancers and create lasting memories with our social happenings. From dance parties to group dinners, our socials are the perfect way to unwind and have fun after a day of intense classes.

  • 6 Day & 6 Evening Socials - Incredible Dj + amazing Live-music-act taking you on a journey from the first note to the last.

  • "You-Time" - The schedule is designed to give you room to rest, chillout, connect & socialize in the way you like it best.

  • Happenings - From the daily meals to organized activities, we offer a multitude of opportunities to be with the group also outside the dance floor.

Choose what you like and enjoy the flow.

Food & Drinks

Dancing, moving and training hard all day, you need the right fuel to keep going. We care about your health and dietary needs. We assure you, you'll be enjoying amazing high-quality food with a wide variety of choices:


  • 3 tasty meals daily.

  • Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options!

  • Fresh water available all day.

  • More beverages provided during meals.

so you and your body are feeling nurtured, energized & well hydrated.


Special Excursions

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Meielisalp with our special excursions program. From hiking and sightseeing to cultural events and outdoor adventures, we offer something for everyone. 

  • Hiking - From your doorstep we explore the area, over rocks & roots, passing through woods and enjoying marvelous views over the lake of Thun.

  • Day-trips - To the breathtaking Aare Canyon, the famous Reichenbach Falls (Sherlock Holmes fate), or the OpenAir Museum Ballenberg with its pictoresque traditional swiss housings and professions.

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