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Registration & Attendance

Is the event suitable for beginners or advanced dancers?

Our event is designed for beginners and advanced dancers alike! Whether you're new to (partner) dancing or very experienced, this retreat is perfect for you. As we'll be working on universal concepts in a new approach to partner dancing, the content will be suitable for all levels & dance styles. Focussing on developing freedom, flow and creativity for a more connected dance, everyone will be able to train and improve their personal skills on their own level with any partner. Hence, we welcome dancers of all levels with open arms.

Is this a Zouk event? I dance Bachata / WestCoastSwing / Kizomba / Ballroom / Ecstatic Dance / Contact Improv / Dylog / 5-Rithms / ... can i still join??

We welcome all dancers of all styles. As we'll be working on universal concepts in a new approach to partner dancing, the content will be suitable for all styles and levels. Focussing on developing freedom, flow and creativity for a more connected dance, everyone will be able to train and dive deep, studying their own personal skills with anyone to any rithm.

Can i register alone?

Absolutely! You're more than welcome to register alone. Choose between booking a bed in a shared (twin) room or treating yourself to a single room. In our classes, there are no assigned roles, and partner switching is encouraged. You'll be surrounded by fellow dance enthusiasts, so you'll never feel lonely, but also have your private space to retreat if needed.

Can i attend only part of the retreat or single days?

The retreat is designed as a holistic experience, so attending only part of it is not possible. However, closer to the event date, there might be last-minute availability. So please come back to check again later.

Inclusions & Accommodation

What is included in the price?

Everything you need for an unforgettable experience! Your ticket covers transportation to and from Zurich, cozy accommodation with stunning mountain views, delicious meals (including three meals per day), refreshing drinks, 25+ hours of dance classes, 5+  dance socials, and exciting activities such as hikes and excursions.

What are the room options? Are single rooms available?

We offer twin, double and single rooms in budget and deluxe variations. To check the different options, please visit our booking page.

Are there vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free food options?

Absolutely! Our talented chefs at Meielisalp will delight you with a buffet featuring a wide variety of food options, including delicious vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. Please let us know in advance about any special allergies or dietary needs by using the corresponding comment section when booking.

Logistics & Travel

How Do I Get to the Location? Can I Arrive Individually by Car or Public Transport?

Your ticket includes a bus ride from Zurich to Meielisalp and back. If you prefer to travel individually, please notify us in advance, and we can assist with arrangements. Parking is available at the location, and a shuttle from the nearest train station can be organized upon request.

Is It Possible to Work Remotely During the Retreat?

Yes, indeed! Wi-Fi is available in the main building and deluxe rooms (not in budget rooms), so you can stay connected if needed.

Payment & Booking

How do I register for the retreat?

Registration can be done online. Choose your ticket here. For each ticket a separate form has to be filled out.

What are the payment options?

When booking your ticket, you have the option to either pay the full amount upfront or choose a partial payment to reserve your spot. In the latter case, full payment has to be completed before the event according to a separate guideline that will be sent to you by email. Initial payments can be done using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Credit Card or direct bank transfers. See more in the checkout.

What is the cancelation/refund policy

No refunds. All bookings are considered definite and are non-refundable. In case you need to cancel your participation, you may have the option to resell your ticket. Please contact us by email for assistance and guidelines before taking action. Please also check our Cancelation&Refund policy when booking.

Program & Classes

Which dance styles will be taught?

The retreat is dance style independent and beneficial for all forms of partner dancing. The Liberato Method is adaptive and focusses on universal concepts of partner dance to grow & develop flow, creativity and freedom to express yourself. With participants from diverse dance backgrounds, you'll have the opportunity to explore movement and connection in a rich and inclusive environment. Classes are tailored to accommodate dancers of all levels, ensuring that everyone can participate and grow regardless of their dance background.

Will there be opportunities for social dancing?

Yes, there will be a separate room dedicated to social dancing only. It will be open & accessible all day for everyone. You may freely choose whether you dance socially, attend classes or enjoy the place & activities.

Do I need to attend all classes? I'm unsure if i can manage this intensity.

Although all classes build on each other, it is not mandatory to follow them all. If you need your me-time or feel you cannot take more at the moment, you can step out any time, visit our social dancing room, relax on the terrace, have a walk, retreat to your room. When you wish to return after a break, please be aware and respect the teachers decision if and when entering the group again is appropriate.

In case you feel emotionally, mentally or physically overwhelmed, consider talking to one of our care-takers. We will present/name them at the beginning of the event.

I feel emotionally, mentally, physically overwhelmed. What can i do?

Movement & bodywork, especially in an intense setting, can trigger emotions in anyone also in unexpected moments. That's why we will have care-takers watching out for you and that you can always address and talk to when needed. They will be presented/named clearly at the beginning of each event.

Also you are always free to drop out of the class/group and take time for yourself. Just inform the teacher or one of the care-takers and have your break.

When you wish to return afterwards, please be aware and respect the teachers decision if and when entering the group again is appropriate.

General Information

What should I bring?

Don't forget to pack your comfortable dance attire, a water bottle to keep you hydrated, and, of course, your dancing shoes if you have some! Also bring shoes suitable for hiking and a bikini / swimsuit if you like to fully profit from the mountains and lakes around.

Can I Bring Guests Who Are Not Participating in the Dance Workshops?

Yes you can! Although prices will stay the same if participating in the dancing or not.

Curious about what past attendees have to say?

  Check out testimonials from past participants. Hear firsthand accounts of their experiences and insights gained from the retreat. Additionally, you can explore impressions from past events and get a glimpse of the experience by browsing through our gallery.

Community & Network

Is There a Community Forum for Participants to Connect Before the Retreat?

Yes, we have a Facebook event and page (please tag us when posting content). We’ll also be opening a whatsapp and facebook group for confirmed participants closer to the date, so you can get in touch with each other already before the event.

More Questions?

I still have questions. Whom can i ask?

Please contact us by email, we'll be happy to help you.

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